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Thursday, April 25, 2013


Sigma Capital Group plc
("Sigma" or "the Group" or "the Company")

Audited final results for the year ended 31 December 2012
Sigma is a finance, property and urban regeneration specialist

Key Points

  • Good progress in developing revenues from new property services - significant growth opportunity
  • Increased activity across local authority regeneration partnerships - esp. in Liverpool and Salfor
  • JV established with property developer - with second JV established in 2013 - will accelerate the delivery of regeneration programmes
  • Winchburgh Development  (350 hectare site), near Edinburgh, planning permission in principle granted and construction programme started
  • Board and management teams strengthened
  • Revenue from ongoing services up 40% to £2.33m (2011: £1.67m*)
    1. Property Division revenue more than doubled to £1.48m (2011: £0.61m)
    2. Venture Capital Division revenue reduced 20% to £0.85m (2011: £1.06m*)
  • Trading loss of £0.25m (2011: trading profit of £0.06m)
  • Operating loss of £1.08m (2011: loss of £0.12m)
  • Loss before tax reduced to £1.17m (2011: £1.42m)
  • Loss per share reduced to 2.57p (2011: 3.17p)
  • Cash balances at year end of £1.0m (2011: £1.3m)
  • Board confident of further progress - and work to develop funding model has the potential to accelerate growth significantly

*excluding a £0.8m one-off compensation receipt

David Sigsworth, Chairman, said,

"The Group has been wholly refocused on building its Property Division and this is nowthe Group's key growth driver. Our three local authority partnerships have been established to assist with large-scale residential and commercial urban developments to revive local economies and we estimate the gross development value across all three partnerships is c. £2bn over the next 10 to 15 years. The Winchburgh Development is one of the UK's single largest residential and mixed use developments, with a gross development value of c. £1 billion.  In total across our contracted relationships, we control the delivery of in excess of 10,000 units of new housing stockrevenues.

Our business model drives two sources of revenue for the Group, fees from the provision of property services as we deliver large development projects to our private and public-sector clients but also an equity share in the value we create for our partners.

We see strong growth opportunities and our work on developing a funding model has the potential to significantly accelerate the Group's rate of growth."



Sigma Capital Group plc

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