Property News

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06 Feb 2017 Expansion of Self-funded PRS Activities with Three Additional Sites Property News
24 Nov 2016 Completion of 1,000th PRS Home & Completion of First Self-Funded Site Property News
24 Oct 2016 Commencement of £39m Regeneration Scheme in Liverpool City Centre Property News
30 Sep 2016 Major new funding agreement with the Homes and Communities Agency Company Announcements / Property News
29 Jul 2016 Sigma Capital and Rochdale Borough Council launch Roch Bank PRS development in Rochdale Property News
03 Jun 2016 Major new strategic partnership with Keepmoat Company Announcements / Property News
18 Dec 2015 Norris Green Village regeneration scheme Company Announcements / Property News
09 Dec 2015 Launch of second phase of PRS delivery with Gatehouse Company Announcements / Property News
04 Dec 2015 Launch of self-funded PRS portfolio Company Announcements / Property News
08 Jun 2015 PRS agreement with Sheffield Housing Company Company Announcements / Property News
03 Jun 2015 Expanded PRS Portfolio Agreement with Gatehouse Bank Property News
27 Feb 2015 First tenants move into first new homes under Private Rented Sector joint venture with Gatehouse Bank Property News
19 Dec 2014 Liverpool City Council approves land transfer for further 56 new homes for affordable rent at Norris Green Property News
19 Nov 2014 Commencement of construction of first new homes under Private Rented Sector joint venture with Gatehouse Bank Property News
15 Sep 2014 The curtain goes up at the all new St John Bosco Arts College Property News
15 Apr 2014 Completion of North Arran Way Development in North Solihull and Transfer of Remaining Fund Management Contracts Property News
10 Apr 2014 Development at North Arran Way nears completion Property News
10 Apr 2014 Progress at St. John Bosco's School in Liverpool Property News
10 Feb 2014 Agreement to acquire first site in London for Private Rented Sector Portfolio Property News
16 Oct 2013 Completion of £10m Bishop Wilson Primary School, North Solihull Property News
01 Aug 2013 Regeneration Liverpool £27m housing scheme Property News
10 May 2013 New Sigma funding model and Liverpool City Council Property News
20 Mar 2013 Regeneration Liverpool (also known as the “Liverpool Partnership”) Property News
04 Mar 2013 Re: Liverpool Partnership – Third Phase of Major Housing Scheme Commences Property News
04 Mar 2013 Second new venture established to accelerate delivery of Liverpool residential regeneration projects Property News
10 Dec 2012 Duncan Sutherland outlines Regeneration Liverpool and HS2 projects at FBE Breakfast Property News
01 Nov 2012 Salford Partnership – Trigger of fees relating to Top Streets residential development Property News
19 Jul 2012 12-year wait is over as £1bn village development begins Property News
20 Jun 2012 Salford Partnership (aka Higher Broughton Partnership) Property News
10 May 2012 Joint venture established to accelerate delivery of Liverpool regeneration projects Property News
23 Apr 2012 Winchburgh planning in principle granted Property News
03 Apr 2012 Higher Broughton Partnership - Salford major contract agreed Property News
30 Mar 2012 £1.8m management contract for the £1bn Winchburgh Development, Edinburgh Property News