Audit Committee
The Company has established an Audit Committee to ensure good financial practices throughout the Group and that systems and procedures are in place to ensure the integrity of the financial information reported to shareholders. It also provides a line of communication between the Board and the external auditors. The Audit Committee is comprised the two non-executive directors and is chaired by James McMahon

Remuneration Committee
The Company established a Remuneration Committee to decide the remuneration policy that applies to executive directors. It ensures that the Company's executive directors and senior executives are fairly rewarded for their individual contributions to the company's overall performance by determining their pay and other remuneration. The Remuneration Committee is comprised the two non-excutive directors and is chaired by David Sigsworth, non-executive chairman.



Nomination Committee
The whole board acts as a Nomination Committee and considers recommendations on the appointment of new executive and non-executive directors and their subsequent re-appointment.