A Spontaneously Successful Plant Pot Painting Event at Fresh Wharf

At Simple Life London, we strive to deliver the best community events for our residents. After holding festive on-site events over the last few years, we decided to embrace Spring this year by inviting residents to join us for a plant pot painting workshop at the Fresh Wharf Cafe last month. With 20 spaces available and food and drinks provided, attendees had the opportunity to paint their own terracotta pot and take their masterpiece home with them.

After a slow start, our dedicated partner and plant expert; Alex was determined to make the work shop ‘work’ as he set out into the development and encouraged residents to join in, the response was heart-warming as a group of people people eagerly signed up to participate with enthusiasm.

Throughout the event, everyone was not only immersed in painting their plant pots as, appropriately for the season, we saw friendships blossom. The atmosphere was vibrant and filled with positive energy as residents connected over shared interests and creative expression.

Alex The Plant Guy said ‘Despite some challenges along the way, the event was a wonderful success overall. Throughout, everyone was engaging and socialising with their neighbours and I am confident that the experience and relationships made will continue to flourish and enhance the community spirit moving forward’

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