Appointment of ESG Manager

Sigma, the Private Rental Sector (“PRS”), residential development and urban regeneration specialist, is pleased to announce the appointment of Niamh Waldron as ESG Manager.

Niamh will serve as the Company’s primary point of contact for all ESG matters, and, working with the Board, will lead the ongoing formulation of the Company’s policy and strategy in this area. Her primary focus will be on the continuing formalisation, expansion and improvement of the Company’s existing ESG activities. Her role will also encompass all areas of ESG activity relating to The PRS REIT plc.

Niamh is an education professional with over 30 years’ experience in management and leadership roles. She has high-level experience in policy-setting, review and development, with particular expertise in engaging with national reporting frameworks and regulatory bodies.

Graham Barnet, CEO of Sigma Capital Group, said,

“I am delighted to welcome Niamh to Sigma. We are deeply committed to ensuring that Sigma delivers environmental and social good through its activities, and this appointment will allow us to further develop our goals both for Sigma and the PRS REIT.”

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