ESG News – Repurposed Reading

We are delighted to see further book boxes and benches installed across the country, for sharing the joy of reading and exchanging books. There are now 22 boxes across the country providing the opportunity for book sharing, free reading and community engagement to over 2,100 homes and the wider community, which is just over 40% of homes.

The addition of benches where possible, provides a place to stop and rest, a chat with friends, and perhaps a read in the Spring sunshine. With extended daylight hours throughout Spring and Summer the time is right to enjoy some time outdoors.

Sharing books we have read, and finding a new book from the box, is a super and simple way to be sustainable, and save some cash. With the boxes and benches made from repurposed materials, this is Simple Life sustainability in action. Thank you, again, to all our Book Guardians and to Ground Neutral for their craftmanship and time.

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