Simple Life Lockdown Health and Wellbeing Series

As reported late March, Simple Life’s Peace of Mind month has been taking place throughout the month of April. As well as our Peace of Mind competition, this year we felt that it would be even more apt to go the extra mile by looking out for the health and well-being of our residents during the COVID-19 lockdown period.

As a result, we decided to launch our health and well-being series which helped to spread positivity and helped to keep residents healthy, both physically and mentally. Throughout the series we have also seen a huge sense of community develop by encouraging everyone to stay connected online whilst also helping residents to feel safe, secure and a sense of belonging.

Our series saw a number of videos posted to our social channels created for us by professionals, partners and residents across a range of themes, from meditation, to make-up, to pilates, to baking!


Week 1 – Meditation and Mind-set

The first week was all about Meditation and Mind-set, perfect ahead of a month of taking some time out to look after ourselves.

We were pleased to be joined by two fantastic professionals – Briony Gunson and Karen Mullins – who took us through a guided meditation and a programme all about setting the right mind-set to reach our goals. They can be viewed any time on our YouTube playlist or by clicking their pictures below.

Week 2 – Feeling Good

This was followed by a week dedicated to feeling good. One of our very own residents is a freelance make-up artist, and Hayley provided an excellent and easy to follow tutorial to nail that perfect Smokey Eye.

Whilst we may not be getting out of the house, it’s still important to feel comfortable and happy in our own skin – and our clothes. We were really pleased to be joined by Isabel, a fashion expert who has shared her tips to stay stylish when ditching the PJ’s, and making sure you can still feel professional during those ever-present video conference calls.



Week 3 – Fitness

For fitness week we were joined by Michael Hunter. Michael is a registered physiotherapist with a passion for clinical Pilates, and leads us through a 40minute beginners practice with no equipment required, just a towel and a bit of space. Perfect to counteract all the extra sitting we’re doing during lockdown.

And to get the blood pumping, one of our residents Jessica Crook collated a fantastic 20 minute Hit workout – just 10 moves, but you’ll be sweating by the end of it!


Week 4 – Foodie Week

After all that hard work, we know that we’re deserving of something a bit indulgent. Our foodie week has a great mix of tasty treats and healthy home meals, all thanks to two fabulous residents.

Jessica isn’t just about the exercise, but is a big fan of easy to cook home-made food and has shared four meals with us!

Molly has shared with us a wonderful video of how to make sugar cookies – perfect to decorate with the kids – and a classic banana bread.



Week 5 – Healthy Living

Not forgetting the heart of the health and well-being series, week 5 allowed us to focus on looking after our internal environment (our mind) and our external environment (our home).

With fantastic home cleaning hacks from Rebecca, the resident behind Instagram account OurSimpleHome_31, Rebecca gave residents helpful tips on how to get their external environment organised, creating a lovely place to spend time.

We also heard from Bex at The Mindful Kitchen who shared some Vegan recipes and discussed what it means to have a healthy relationship with food. Bex offers some interesting insights in to our diets and eating habits.

Finally, to help combat any anxieties and stresses that are coming to the front of mind, resident and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist Adel shared a masterclass in EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques, as a practical way to cope and recover.


Week 6 – Music

We wanted to end the series with a feel good bang, so we focused our last week on music and dancing – something that for so many brings so much joy.

Damien from B-Better dance group has the perfect hip hop routine for the whole family to get involved with and to practice in their living rooms. Simple moves that put together to make an epic dance!

We ended our series with a live DJ set from Carl Rushe, a half hour lockdown party featuring classic floor fillers and recent chart toppers.


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