Simple Life sets new standard in Single Family BTR housing with gas-free heating with Vistry Group

Sigma’s Simple Life Homes, the UK’s leading single family build-to-rent provider with over 6,000 properties in the UK and c.3000 underway, has announced its innovative sustainable heating solutions with Vistry Group , the UK’s leading provider of affordable mixed tenure homes offering renters an alternative to traditional gas boilers, setting a new standard in the single family built-to-rent industry.

The parties have partnered with Gateshead Council at its Freight Village development, to introduce a district network heating system serving heating and hot water to all houses on the development. Gateshead Council is leading onboarding and education for tenants to help them set up their accounts and get the most out of the council’s energy network. Additionally, our Tithe Barn development in Exeter, also benefits from a district network heating system with energy supplier Eon.

At Pleasley View in Mansfield, Beaumont Manor in Hemel Hempstead and Top Farm in Nuneaton, air source heat pumps are being installed as an alternative to traditional gas boilers.

The implementation of on-site gas-free solutions is part of the continued effort by Simple Life to raise standards in rental housing. The move aims to support the 2025 Future Homes Standard, set out by the Government to ensure that new homes built from 2025 onwards will produce 75-80% less carbon emissions, contributing to the UK’s aim to achieve its net zero target by 2050.

An air source heat pump takes heat from the outside air and boosts it to a higher temperature using a compressor. It then transfers the heat to the heating system in the home. Air source heat pumps only need to be serviced once a year and tenants will see improved fuel savings whilst still being in control of their home’s temperature.

Luke Lightfoot, Regional Director of Asset Management at Simple Life said:

“We believe these to be the operational single-family housing BTR developments offering innovative heating solutions to renters. The benefits to residents are unrivalled, from seeing a reduction in their energy bills to contributing less emissions.

“These two developments are setting the standard for the rental industry, and we’re delighted to be working with our partners to deliver futureproof, high-quality housing.”

Jack Brayshaw, Head of Technical Innovation at Vistry Group said:

“At Vistry we are proud to support Sigma’s transition to low-carbon heating. Adopting an array of low carbon technologies before the Future Homes Standard comes into force will ensure we learn valuable lessons and achieve the best outcomes for our partners and their residents’’.




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