Supporting Health and Wellbeing in Sheffield

As part of the Manor and Castle Action Group, we’re supporting the local community by promoting health and wellbeing resources and events for families across Sheffield.

Local charity, Sheffield Flourish launched its free mental wellbeing guide in June which offers support around mental health. The guide, Sheffield Wellbeing Colouring Workbook, pinpoints services within the area, and includes a variety of topics, making it easy for people to find support for mental health. This guide is not just a list of activities and services, but they have also provided colouring-in pages designed by a local artist, Hannah Flynn. Research shows that colouring-in benefits our mental health and creates a sense of calm, whilst giving people a chance to set aside some time for themselves. Colouring is certainly not just for children! We’re pleased to have been able to work with Sheffield Flourish to distribute these excellent wellbeing guides to all our Sheffield residents.

Additionally, we’ve been working with the Family Adult Community Education Service in Sheffield to promote their ’50 things to do before you’re five’ roadshow amongst residents. The roadshow will be hosting a range of free events in local parks around Sheffield. Events include exploring natural art in the environment, making musical instruments and keeping active, providing fun for all the family.

Walking Together As A family
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