White Rose Provides Great Statistics For Simple Life Clothes Banks!

With clothes banks being installed across Simple Life developments, it is easier than ever for residents to help contribute to the environment and a greener future.

In 2020, Simple Life collaborated with White Rose to launch clothes banks across developments with apartment blocks by joining the ‘Green Fashion Mission’. This provides an excellent opportunity for residents to de-clutter their wardrobes and donate clothes to be sold at local charities.

With clothes banks currently installed at Coral Mill, Holyoake, Earle Street and Prescot Park, collectively our residents have achieved the following figures within the last quarter of this year:

Clothes Bank Location Totals / Bin (Kg) Total Value Carbon Offset
Coral Mill 140 770 504
Holyoake 170 770 504
Earle Street 140 770 504
Prescot Park 110 605 396


A representative from White Rose said, “We really wanted to write to you to say a sincere thank you for the donations generously given by your residents. After such a turbulent year, we really appreciate your continued support, it has helped us to carry on raising those vital funds at a time when help is needed more than ever and we could have not have done it without you.”

This goes to show how important recycled fashion is and helps us to achieve a wider objective to contribute towards a more sustainable future. By donating clothes, our residents are truly giving back to the local communities, which is fantastic!

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