Our Mission and Values

Innovators unlocking rental’s potential

Supporting communities by creating rental homes and building relationships with customers, investors and local authorities
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Our Brand Values


    We believe that strong partnerships lie at the very heart of our success. Relationships are our building blocks and we can’t succeed without them. By marrying the diverse skill sets of our team and working with like-minded partners, everyone benefits. That’s customers, investors and local authorities alike.


    Quite simply, we believe in doing things well. With the greater good always in mind, we believe in bettering the standards in the private rental market while fulfilling the urgent need for new rental homes.


    We recognise that in today’s world, change is constant. And we are nimble enough to learn, adapt and respond, which we believe is vital for the success of our rental brands, our investors and employees.


    As well as delivering growth for our investors, our customers and communities lie at the very heart of everything we do. We truly are a people business. We know that people not only deserve a good place to live, but to be treated well and be connected to critical infrastructure. And this passion for people stretches to those within our business too.


    We were one of the very first to market with this model in scale.  We have established a reputation for innovation. We seek to solve problems in fresh ways and embrace new ideas. We will continue to tread new ground and aim to be the leader in the industry.

About Us

Leading the delivery of private rented housing for families in the UK. We focus on delivering large-scale, high-quality, new housing schemes for the private rented sector.

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