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Kelly Wood
There is a structural undersupply of new housing in the UK and demand for quality rental homes, especially for families, is high.

Supply and affordability issues in the UK housing market are well-known and systemic, putting greater upward pressure on house prices.  This in turn affects affordability levels and is driving rising demand in the rental sector.

The UK rental sector is fragmented and predominantly privately managed, with the standard of homes and the level of landlord care varying considerably. As a result of changes in taxation and costs of entry, in recent years many small private landlords have chosen to exit the market, further reducing housing supply.

By contrast, Sigma is creating a portfolio of newly-built, well-designed homes that are professionally-managed and well-maintained. Residents benefit from high levels of customer service and the certainty of stable, long-term tenancies, currently atypical in much of the sector.

Sigma’s aim is to set a higher standard in the private rented sector than has historically been the case, and for its residents to enjoy a better quality of life as a result.

Sigma is continually monitoring the market, as well as consumer needs and wants to better inform all decision-making processes related to product, marketing and customer service.

Sigma’s latest market
research report

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The Rental Experience - Setting the Standard
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  • 1. Who are the renters?

  • 2. What are the reasons for renting?

  • 3. What are the benefits of renting?

  • 4. What are renters looking for?

  • 5. Attitudes to renting

We have our own rental brand, ‘Simple Life’, through which the new homes that we deliver are typically let. The brand has been created to set a new gold standard in the private rental market.

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