Charlie Say – My Simple Life Story

Charlie Say is at a pivotal and exciting time in his life – he’s about to get married and wanted to take the hassle out of his living arrangements, opting for a Simple Life home in Walkden, Salford.

It’s all about the location!

“One of the great things about living here is the location. Walkden is an up and coming part of Manchester where a lot of our friends have moved to recently. The centre is undergoing a lot of regeneration and there are plenty of new build homes being built in the area. We are so close to the train station meaning an easy commute for me and my spouse, who will be moving in after we get married.”

Aesthetically pleasing…

“Something else that we were really attracted to Simple Life was how modern the apartments are. It’s above and beyond the rest of the properties we looked at. The décor and colour scheme is fresh and modern; perfect for relaxing afterwork in front of the TV!”


“The site itself has a nice vibrant community feel, it’s really fun to live in. There’s a good vibe about this apartment block in particular. We also have a Facebook group where everyone talks about the practical things, like bins, parking spaces and things like that which I find really helpful.”

“I couldn’t recommend Simple Life as a landlord anymore!”

“Honestly, Simple Life are very caring landlords – you are a person to them, not just money in their books. I’m organising a wedding so I didn’t want the stress of buying a house at the same time and Simple Life make renting easy. It just makes sense at this stage of my life. They’re accessible and easy to talk to and I like that maintenance isn’t my problem, but if I do have any issues they are on-hand to fix them straight away.

“When I first moved in on a Saturday, there was a problem with my toilet and the maintenance team was here on the Sunday to fix it, which is brilliant service.

“I couldn’t recommend Simple Life more; in fact, some of my friends are already renting Simple Life properties!”



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