ESG NEWS – Snowdon Sunrise Challenge 2023 – Zoe’s Place Middlesbrough

Back in September 2022 the opportunity of climbing Snowdon, in July 2023, setting off at 2am, arriving at the summit to witness the sunrise, was an opportunity we could not miss.  What an experience and chance to raise funds for our charity partner Zoe’s Place in Middlesbrough. We first met Zoe’s Place in 2021, when a Simple Life resident at Bracken Grange, Middlesbrough nominated them to receive a donation for the work they do. This amazing charity and team of incredible people, provides care and support to families with children aged from birth to 5 years, living with life-limited or life-threatening conditions. Their dedication, love and care, is evident from the minute you arrive at the bright yellow door and meet the team. In no time at all we had a team of 17 colleagues, family and friends, signed up, excited and planning. 

As we prepared throughout June, optimism for a glorious sunrise view from the summit was high. After all June had been a beautiful month, record breaking temperatures and those wonderful long hours of daylight! What could possibly dampen our enthusiasm!  

We arrived at 12:30am, on Sunday 2 July, full of energy, excitement and enthusiasm, and joined the team from Blue Sky Adventures and the other trekkers for debrief before setting off. Of course the weather and mountain together had a different plan for the evening…..mist, high winds and low temperatures! Ribbons of headtorch lights dotted the pathway – vanishing into the mist ahead!  Support and encouragement was available by the bucketful, and everyone found their pace. Short stops to refuel and regroup, saw us reach the summit and a real sense of achievement. The photos tell the story – grit, determination, support and teamwork, all came into play! A quick photo shot and we headed back!  

We made it through the wind and rain (I feel a song there!) and it was so worth it! It was heads down and small steps, and certainly a challenge. We did not see the sunrise, or the view, but that did not take from the adventure! Having set off in the dark, and climbed into the mist, I still do not know what the mountain looks like – so a return is definitely needed! 

We trekked back to base, having achieved and made new friends and connections to boot! The team raised over £12.5k, much needed funds for the hospice with daily running costs close to £4.5k. With hospices in Liverpool and Coventry, alongside Middlesbrough, Zoe’s Place is now very much a Sigma and Simple Life friend and we look forward to opportunities to work together going forward.  

Thank you to all who donated to this event, hugely appreciated.
Read more about the charity and the special service they provide at  

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