Welcome to Movie Night at Empyrean!

One rainy Sunday in July turned out to be one of our most successful events yet at this site, as residents in waterproofs joined us in the garden for our very first Backyard Cinema Event!

This year, we thought we’d try something new for Empyrean residents. We hand delivered Simple Life cinema tickets inviting them to an Outdoor Cinema Event showing two popular films, and serving delicious FREE Pizza and cocktails.

As is typical for a Summer in Manchester, the weather was less than ideal. As the rain came own, we set up deckchairs underneath gazebos and provided blankets to create a cosy viewing gallery for attendees. Luckily we had a fabulous team of waitresses taking pizza and drink orders, so residents could stay dry and comfy as the movies played.

The Gazebo was packed out for the afternoon showing of the Iconic Romantic Comedy; When Harry Met Sally whilst the evening brought out an even bigger audience for the noughties crowd-pleaser, Anchorman. With every deck chair filled and some attendees stood at the back with Poser Tables, we welcomed an amazing 150 residents over the course of the day!

The Pizza was as popular as ever with The Wandering Pizza Co even running out dough towards the end whilst the signature cocktails from Dinky Doo’s Bar went down a treat!

Thank you so much to  our fantastic suppliers who helped to make it happen – we can’t wait to get planning for the next one!

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