Ice Cream Dash 2022!

The Simple Life Ice Cream Dash is our highlight of the Summer and this year was no different, visiting even more sites than we have previously!

Our ice cream dash made a return this August and it was simply the sweetest! Amongst excited squeals from children, the van’s music was heard playing up and down Simple Life streets rounding up residents to go get their Summer treats…

The team visited over 50 developments hoping to bring a ‘sprinkle’ of happiness to the day.

As with every British Summer time, the weather was hard to predict, however with the exception of a few downpours in Merseyside, we were mostly accompanied by glorious sunshine. Spirits remained high as queues of residents formed, eager for something cool and refreshing.

Turn-outs remained steady throughout the week, from some welcoming us for their ‘Elevensies’ to others enjoying a teatime indulgence. Safe to say we had another successful year serving a whopping 3797 ice creams and 409 slushies’ over the course of our tour.

It’s wonderful knowing that some of our customers have been joining us for this dash for several years now, with sites spread across the UK we love being able to bring a little joy to doorsteps during the Summer holidays. This year marks the fourth anniversary of this event which would traditionally call for silk – we were delighted to bring our lovely residents something even softer.


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