Ice Cream Dash 2023

Amidst the raindrops, the allure of ice cream prevailed, spreading its sweetness to an unprecedented number of residents during this year’s Ice Cream Dash.

A true staple of the Simple Life Calendar, returned for it’s 6th year, as the branded Ice Cream Van toured the UK this August to deliver some cheer to our residents. Over the course of 10 days, our van with a fresh new look visited 52 developments to offer up soft-serve and fruit slushies..

The Summer Holidays unfortunately has seen wet and rainy weather so far, but we were delighted to see Simple Life streets fill up with residents under umbrellas to queue for their Summer Treats. From smiling children to delighted dogs, it’s a pleasure to see the community come together for this each year.

Who says rainy days can’t be the sweetest? A huge thank you to everyone who came out to join us, and a special mention to our events team who made it rain scoops of happiness during these events! We’re confident that our Autumn and Christmas events will be just as fun, so watch this space!


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