Louise Holleran – My Simple Life story

Following some negative past experiences with rental properties, Louise Holleran and her family wanted a rental home with a difference. 

“I’ve lived in Middleton all my life”, Louise explained. “But renting through estate agents, we’d had some terrible experiences, with homes in bad states of repair. In one property, we only lasted six months. Enough was enough.”

Wanting to remain in the community where she’d spent all of her life, Louise searched for a property to call home for her family; herself, her partner, her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend, as well the family dog.


A flexible family home

“We needed a home to cater for the five of us, and the fact that we could get a brand-new house with Simple Life was fantastic”, Louise added. “The team were very helpful, and we even received a welcome pack when we moved in with all the bits and bobs you need when moving, which was lovely.”

The Holleran family found their dream home; a three-bedroom, semi-detached property with separate dining room and lounge. The house also includes a large private garden, where Louise and her partner spend a lot of time.

“It’s a great place to live, it’s very quiet and not on a drive-through road. There are shops nearby and we’re within a mile of Middleton town centre and all the shopping options there, which is a plus for me and my daughter”, Louise said.


Time to enjoy family life 

Living in a Simple Life home, Louise and her family know where to go should they ever need help or support, giving them more time and freedom.

“It’s nice having that person to help you with any issues you might have. They even come and do the front garden every three or four weeks, so no more time spent cutting the lawn!”

Simple Life is committed to creating places where community thrives. As Louise explained, “I may be biased as I’ve always lived in Middleton, but it’s a very welcoming area. There’s a great sense of community and everyone is really nice, I don’t think we’d ever leave.

“I’d definitely recommend a Simple Life home to my friends and family. It’s great that they’re brand new and everything works. You’ve got all your high-quality appliances and it’s clear they haven’t scrimped on anything.”

Louise and her family were so impressed by their home, it even led to an exciting development in the family. “My daughter and her boyfriend have now moved in to their very first home together”, Louise added, “and it’s a Simple Life home just behind ours. We can wave over the fence to them!”

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