Heather Sanders – My Simple Life story

After a change in personal circumstance meant she could no longer own a home, Heather searched for a rental property and local area that was suitable for her and her children.


Searching for a suitable family home

“It was no longer an option for me to own a home as I had done in the past. Renting now suited my situation, but the quality of rental homes I was looking at was quite poor. For me and my two children, it was important that we found a high-quality house located in a good area”, Heather explained.

Heather found a home at Baytree Lane, Simple Life’s rental development in Middleton, close to plenty of green space. The three-bedroom property ticked all the boxes for her family.

Heather added: “As soon as I found the home I knew it was perfect for us. The move was very smooth, and the Simple Life team was helpful during the whole process. They made it so easy”


The ideal location

Heather’s Simple Life home is a detached property with two bathrooms, a separate kitchen and living room and a private garden. Baytree Lane benefits from its proximity to highly-rated schools and excellent amenities.

“For me it’s the ideal area”, Heather explained. “It’s close to school for my children and near the train station, so we can get everywhere pretty easily. The area is quiet and peaceful, which suits us well, and living in a cul-de-sac means my children can play outside and I don’t need to worry!”


Renting without worry

Simple Life is committed to changing the way the rental market is perceived, offering peace of mind through long-term, secure tenancies and giving families and young professionals a flexible place to call home.

Heather said: “Because I’m not renting from a private landlord, I feel safe in the knowledge that the house isn’t going to be sold from underneath me without warning, which would leave me and my children in a situation we never want to be in. It’s great to know I can stay for as long as I want to, on agreed terms.

“I’d definitely recommend a Simple Life home to anyone. It’s tastefully decorated and finished to a very high standard, with great appliances included. I’ve got a dishwasher now, which I never had when I owned properties in the past. Everyone who has visited me has said they love my home. But most importantly, me and my children do too!”

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