Simple Life’s Summer Ice Cream Dash

As part of Sigma’s ongoing focus on community within the Simple Life brand, the team visited seven completed developments during the last week of the summer holidays to hand-deliver free ice cream to tenants.

Following communications announcing the event including emails, flyers and SMS messages, tenants were waiting for their arrival, with children and adults alike lining the roads to claim their free treat.

More than 1000 individual ice cream tubs – in three flavours; vanilla, chocolate or strawberry – were claimed, with the team going door to door to ensure no tenants missed out, and many stocking their freezers thanks to Simple Life.

With some end of summer sunshine gracing the three days, residents and Simple Life staff alike enjoyed getting outside and embracing the celebratory atmosphere. Overall the event was a great success, encouraging the neighbourhoods to engage with the Simple Life brand and wider community.


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