Our Peace of Mind Month Winners 2023

Our best year yet for our Peace of Mind Month competition with a whopping 260 entries!

One of our favourites; Peace of Mind competition returned for a 5th year running with a record breaking number of entries received, over 250 residents nominated their loved ones to receive a prize worth up to £500 tailored to them. Each year it’s truly heart-warming to see our community being celebrated in this way.

It was a tough choice, but we finally selected our 8 winners for 2023 and we’re pleased to share them below:




I’m writing to nominate my neighbour, Josh, for the Peace of Mind Prize. Josh is a young father of two children, Theo aged 4 and Sophia aged 2, and is in a committed partnership with Amber. I believe that Josh truly embodies the values of hard work, dedication, and love for his family, and is highly deserving of this award.

Josh works tirelessly as a baggage handler at Manchester Airport, often putting in many hours of overtime to ensure the financial stability and well-being of his family. Despite his demanding work schedule, he always maintains a positive attitude and appreciates the value of Amber’s role in staying at home to care for their children. In a conversation I had with him, he expressed that he believes Amber’s job is the hardest, which I found inspirational and a testament to his character.

Furthermore, the family has faced significant challenges, as young Theo has been diagnosed with kidney disease. This adds to the pressures on Josh and his family, yet they continue to face these challenges with resilience, strength, and love. Josh’s unwavering support for his family during these difficult times is commendable and showcases his incredible dedication.

Every day, when Josh returns from work, his children eagerly await him at the door with excitement and anticipation. This heart-warming scene is a testament to the strong bond he has built with his family. As a neighbour, I see first-hand his unwavering dedication to his family, and it is both inspiring and uplifting.

Josh’s commitment to his family is extraordinary, especially considering that he rarely gets time off work. The love, care, and support he provides for his family make him a role model for all of us in the Simple Life community. Recognising him with the Peace of Mind Prize would not only validate his tireless efforts but also encourage others to follow his example.

Thank you for considering my nomination of Josh for the Peace of Mind Prize. I am confident that honouring him with this award will make a positive impact on our community and inspire others to strive for the same level of dedication and love in their own lives.

Prize: Vouchers towards a weekend break




I would like to nominate my partner Callum. Last year was one of the toughest years of my life and he has always been there to support me and my family, no questions asked. I’m incredibly grateful to him for helping me through such a difficult time, especially at the same time as starting his new job as a paramedic after completing his degree. Having not been on holiday since before the pandemic, I believe he deserves a well earned break.

Prize: Vouchers towards a holiday




William is my grandson and has lived with us for a number of years helping out with things for us as both myself and my husband are disabled. Whilst being a medical student and studying hard he always has a smile for everyone to cheer them up.

Prize: Vouchers towards a a Spa Break




Mikey is the heartbeat of Sycamore Drive, arranging get togethers for all the neighbours for the Jubilee, bonfire night etc. taking care of neighbours pets when they’re away. Shopping and caring for neighbours who have recently been ill with no family around them. All round top neighbour to have!

Prize: Vouchers towards a holiday




She has been a wonderful and helpful person

Prize: Shopping Vouchers for a Carpet Cleaner Vax




Having moved in 12 months ago, Carol was the first neighbour to knock on my door to welcome me to the development, and has always made me feel very welcome.

Being unable to work, due to medical conditions, she is the first to offer to look after a pet, take in a package or open your home for a tradesperson.  If the weather is good, you can find her outside her home, always ready for a sit down,  a chat and a laugh.

Prize: Vouchers towards a Spa Break




I’m lucky enough to call Rachael my friend, colleague and neighbour! I would love to nominate Rachael as she works so hard as a nurse, working long hours and going above and beyond for her patients and often staying late and working on weekends. She is such a kind and selfless person and is always looking out for other people. I feel like she deserves some recognition and a pick me up as she works extremely hard and always puts other people first.

Prize: Restaurant Vouchers




Ian has been a support worker since 2016 and he’s been supporting clients with Autism, OCD and Learning Difficulties to remain in their own homes. Back in November Ian was supporting a gentleman with Learning Disabilities who he had supported for three years now. He noticed this client was not himself and called 111 for advice. 111 advised they would prescribe over the phone but Ian insisted that his client needed to be seen face to face and made an appointment to go the local hospital. On route to the hospital his client began to take a turn for the worst, Ian noticed he looked like he had stopped breathing and began to gargle, he pulled over the car as soon as he could and was outside of Halton hospital.

He ran to get help and no one at this point were able to support. Ian ran back to his car and pulled the client on the floor to begin CPR. Doctors and nurses then come out to assist and take over the care of the patient. Unfortunately the client ended up passing away. This gentleman had no friends or family to speak on his behalf and Ian waited and remained at the hospital with gentleman as long as he could.

Since this day Ian has been job searching and job hunting to ensure he provides for his family and four children. Logan (15), Layton (14), Isaac (2) and Noah who is due to turn 1 in the next couple of weeks.

I am the mother of two of his children Isaac and Noah and I can not be more proud of Ian and how he has put this clients needs first, his family’s needs first and although he is suffering from the experience he carries on every day to try and provide for his family.

Prize: Shopping Vouchers  for Active Wear

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