Salford pupils treated to new reading greenhouse after £8,000 donation

River View Primary School in Salford is benefitting from an outdoor reading greenhouse and new books thanks to an £8,000 donation from leading PRS home provider, Simple Life.

Simple Life is building almost 300 new apartments in the area, and as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR) has donated the money as a way of supporting the local community to flourish.

Claire Richmond from River View Primary School said: “One of our key focuses at the school is reading. We have a number of children from different ethnic backgrounds and English isn’t always their first language. Reading support isn’t always available at home and so it’s really important for us to encourage reading amongst the children.

“We’re really grateful for the donation from Simple Life; the outdoor greenhouse allows us to associate reading time within playtime and therefore it is viewed as a pleasure and not homework or a task.”

This is another example of Simple Life working with schools that are close to their own developments. There are 299 new one, two and three bed Simple Life apartments, set across six floors being built on Clarence Street, which is located just behind the school that will be released for rent mid-way through 2020.

Ron Dawson, Simple Life, said: “We have already built over 1,000 homes to rent across England, with over 3,000 currently underway and along with our umbrella company Sigma Capital Group plc, we’ve been heavily involved in the regeneration of the Broughton area over the last 13 years. With a heritage in regeneration, we are committed to helping a number of schools close to all of our developments for the long-term. River View Primary School has completed a brilliant project and it was so lovely to see how excited all the children were to use this new space and to read all the new books.”

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