Sigma Signs C-19 Business Pledge

We are proud to announce that Sigma has signed up to the C-19 Business Pledge.

Founded by former UK Cabinet Minister, RT Hon. Justine Greening and UK Entrepreneur David Harrison, the C-19 Business Pledge aims to harness the power of business as a force for good in tackling the Coronavirus epidemic.

We as a business want to stand firm and support our staff, customers and communities throughout this difficult time. We want to make sure that we utilise our ability to have positive influence by offering our stakeholders the stability they need. With our support, we hope that our employees, customers and communities alike will reach the other side of the epidemic with a positive mind and in a financially stable position.

For a full summary of how Sigma is responding to COVID-19, please read our COVID-19 Crisis Management Strategy an Protocols

C19 Business Pledge
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