Tree-mendous! Lifting trees a-LOFT!

Written by Niamh Waldron, ESG Director, Sigma

We all hear about and know the importance of trees, for the planet but actually equally, if not more, important for our wellbeing. I absolutely love trees and do not know what I would do without my daily tree-fix! For me planting and enjoying trees is in my DNA, fostered by my parents and home environment growing up. So when the opportunity to join our furnishing partners, LOFT, alongside their many friends and partners, to plant trees with Gone West, I jumped at the chance. LOFT commit to planting a tree for each of the homes they furnish, which for us at Simple Life is 298 homes in Manchester.

So wellies and gardening gloves in hand, I set off for Hurlston Hall, Ormskirk from Edinburgh (not a usual tree planting site for LOFT but Covid conditions meant a change this year) to join a wonderful group of enthusiastic and engaging people from a wide variety of businesses. We started the day with a yoga and tai chi based warm up, to ensure we were ready for the challenge ahead! From the wobbles, creaks and groans from several of us, I actually thought there may be more risk of an injury at this time! Thankfully, all intact we split into groups and headed off to plant the trees, well aware of the need to be alert to possible wayward drives and chips from local golfers! Fore or is that Fir!!!! We had such fun planting, planning our scheme and the odd tree pun crept in as we Pined for water! A lovely vegan lunch, more time to network and hear of the work Gone West do, was a fitting end to the day.

Thank you to LOFT for hosting a Pear-fect day, and to my many Yew connections and acquaintances. Oaky Doaky enough of the tree wordplays! Plum job everyone (last one I promise!)! Looking forward to the next event in the Autumn in London. Cherry-O! 😊

trees 1
trees 3
trees 2
LOFT 18th bday
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