Vistry Group and Sigma Capital Group Sign Framework Agreement to Deliver 5,000 Build-to-Rent Homes Over Next Five Years

Countryside Partnerships (part of Vistry Group, the UK’s leading mixed-tenure developer), has entered into a new Framework Agreement with Sigma Capital Group to deliver 5,000 new homes for Sigma’s BTR brand, Simple Life Homes. Sigma is the leading provider in the Build-to-Rent market focused on single  family housing and one of Vistry Group’s key partners in this sector.

The agreement builds on the well-established partnership between Vistry and Sigma, with Countryside Partnerships having been a framework partner on Sigma’s Build-to-Rent delivery programme since 2014. It supports both organisations’ ambitions for growth by clearly mapping out their expansion plans within a set framework and timeframe.

The 5,000 new homes will be delivered to Sigma across a number of UK regions over the next five years, and will complement Vistry’s Partnerships model of delivering the right mix of housing tenures that communities require to build long-term and sustainable neighbourhoods.

Greg Fitzgerald, CEO Vistry Group, said:

 “This framework agreement with Sigma is another great example of how our Partnerships model can deliver at scale the mix of housing tenures that residents across the UK desperately need. High-quality build-to-rent homes continue to be an important offering for our mixed-tenure communities, and we are thrilled to be continuing our long-term partnership with Sigma.”

Graham Barnet, CEO and Founder, Sigma Capital Group, said:

“We are delighted to be extending our long-term relationship with Vistry. They have been the foundation partner of our BTR single family housing model since 2014 where we have delivered over 8,500 new family homes across the UK with a delivery cost of £2.25bn to date. We currently have over 3,500 additional homes under construction across the UK and with a track record of 98% let or reserved at any given time, and above industry standard BTR customer review scores*, we’re looking forward to delivering many more much needed BTR family housing over the next 5 years with our partner, Vistry.

Vistry have been the majority delivery partner across our estate and define the concept of Partnership in both our complementary models to deliver high quality family homes for rent at scale.”


*Based on Home Views Reporting Data, Dec 2023

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