Sigma Installs Additional Clothes Banks!

Our goal is to install clothes banks on each completed development, to encourage residents to act sustainably. Collected garments are either redistributed to good causes or recycled, and we have forged a link with the charity White Rose Fashion Cycle, supporting The Aegis Trust, in this regard. There are currently 4 developments with active banks, and others due for installation imminently. By the end of next year the target is to have 15 developments with clothes banks in place. We also include reusable shopping bags and water flasks in the ‘Welcome’ boxes provided to new residents.

White Rose Fashion Cycle – Clothes Banks in our communities has resulted in wonderful work, linking recycling with supporting people.

Aegis Trust’s Peace Education Workshops – working with people in countries affected by violence and genocide to rebuild trust in communities.

Results from installed banks to date are as follows:

Coral Mill, Newhay

230kg saved from landfill

Estimated 828kg CO2 emissions Carbon offset

£1,265 raised

Fenman Mews

335kg saved from landfill

Estimated 1206kg CO2 emissions Carbon offset

£1,842 raised

DifRent, Edwin Court,

245kg saved from landfill

Estimated 882 kg CO2 emissions Carbon offset

£1,347 raised

DifRent, Petal Court, Walkden,

235kg saved from landfill

Estimated 846 kg CO2 emissions Carbon offset

£1,292 raised



Cash raised: £5,746

Landfill save: 1,045kg

Carbon Offset: 3,762kg


SL   Fenman Mews
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